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Faery Folk Fest

August 25 @ 3:00 pm - August 27 @ 3:00 pm

$10.00 - $250.00

Who are the Fae? That’s hard to say. You would have better luck asking them yourself. But oh! Where can they be found? Check out Stonehouse Farm if you want to know, we are haunted with Fae. You might need to come incognito, dressed as one of they, before you can know who are the Fae. We hear there’s a special place there where they like to hang. Are they cleaning the dishes for cream while tracking in soot and mud? Are they dancing a fiery dance upon some firewood? Are they hanging out with the frogs and toads? Are they riding upon the backs of birds or dragonflies? Are they swaying gently among tree branches caught in a breeze? Come check out Stonehouse Farm and find out what the Faery folk are up to.

*Meals included with the purchase of admission to the event.

This weekend we will:

-Gaze at the stars

-Build faery houses

-Have a Faery costume contest

-Have fire dance and poi

-Stonehouse sweat hut

-Take Yoga classes

-Skill share


Work-Trade Available! We will need lots of help setting up, closing down, serving meals, and maintaining the facilities throughout the event. To sign up for work Trade email info@stonehousefarm.com

*For a free ticket, contribute 14 hours toward the event:

-4 hours on Friday

-6 hours on Saturday

-4 hours on Sunday



-Faeries at heart to come dressed as Faeries (5 or 6 max) to trick the Faeries – for Full admission

-Ecologically-minded Musicians (3 or 4 max) to play for the bonfire sprites – for Full admission

-Homesteaders (1 or 2 max) with a hankering to teach their craft to a class of bridge trolls – for Full Admission


Weekend Schedule:

-Friday, August 25th

3:00-5:00pm                  Arrival & Check-in                                     General Store

5:30-6:00pm                  Welcome & Opening Ceremony              Fire Pit near check-in

6:00-7:00pm                  Dinner                                                          Dining Tent

7:00-9:00pm                  classes, workshops, talks, & skill share        

9:00pm                            Bonfire                                                         Sacred Fire Circle


-Saturday, August 26th

7:00-8:00am                  Light Breakfast                                          Dining Tent

8:00-11:00am                classes, workshops, talks, & skill share

11:00-12:00pm              Brunch                                                         Dining Tent

12:00-6:00pm               classes, workshops, talks, & skill share

3:00-3:30pm                 High Tea & Snacks                                    Dining Tent

6:00-7:00pm                 Dinner                                                         Dining Tent

7:00-9:00pm                 classes, workshops, talks, & skill share

9:00pm                           Bonfire                                                        Sacred Fire Circle


-Sunday, August 27th

7:00-8:00am                  Light Breakfast                                         Dining Tent

8:00-11:00am                classes, workshops, talks, & skill share

11:00-12:00pm              Brunch                                                        Dining Tent

12:00-1:00pm                Check-out                                                   General Store

12:00-3:00pm               classes, workshops, talks, skill share & garden seva

3:00-3:30pm                 High Tea & Closing Ceremony               Dining Tent


* Schedule or location subject to change due to weather

Massage Therapy available on premises by appt, $75/hour or $125/90 min.
Schedule Appointments at the General Store.

Sunday night option: $20 for overnight stay to enjoy more time in nature at Stonehouse Farm

Tickets:  Each person must purchase an event ticket, which includes admission to the event, all classes, use of a campsite, meals from Friday dinner through Sunday brunch, free parking, and use of facilities. Housing upgrades are available for an additional fee, see ticketing options.


August 25 @ 3:00 pm
August 27 @ 3:00 pm
$10.00 - $250.00


Stonehouse Farm
3719 Suydam Road
Earlville, IL 60518 United States


Stonehouse Farm