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    We are three musicians, one vibration. Sahejpreet Kaur simply loves to interweave her voice, guitar & soul with her sisters Preet, with the Sangat, and with the Universe. Sangatpreet Kaur draws the community (Sangat) toward the light with her pure voice, lush harmonium, enchanting smile and vivacious spirit. Puranpreet Kaur brings complete and pure love of music with her creative guitar rhythms, earthy bass lines, and driving drum beats. A trio not to be missed!

    Preet was invited to play their “Celestial Essence” Aquarian Sadhana chants at both Summer and Winter International Kundalini Yoga Solstice Events in 2016. They will be the featured band at the Vancouver Khalsa Ladies Camp in August 2017.

Kundalini Yoga & Live Music!!

    Do you love Kundalini Yoga – AND live music?? Does music liberate your Soul like nothing else? Through breathing, chanting and dancing, allow the fusion of yoga and live music to unearth more of the expansive and unlimited capacity for joy within!! Join professional recording artists “Preet” for this unique event at Stone House Farm. 

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Apple Coriander Flower Shrub

Apple Coriander Flower Shrub This is Stonehouse Farm’s take on a classical colonial beverage (inspired by our farm to table dinner with chef Sarah Mallin). Shrub was created during the founding years of our country as a way to preserve … Continue reading

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Spring: A Time For New Growth

Spring is a time for new beginnings. With the sun and warmth comes the promise of a new growing season. Growth may be categorized in many ways, some spend the summer growing into a yoga pose, other grow into a … Continue reading

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