If I do not have my own tent, can I rent one?

Tent rentals are available as part of the weekend event pricing. You can choose this option on the individual event page when you sign-up. If you’d like to bring your own tent, that’s great too! Note that due to the small number of tents, rental is not an option for large festivals like Pagan Spirit Gathering and Sukhava Bodhe Yoga & Music Festival.

Why is there a camping fee if I bring my own tent?

The camping fee is for water, electricity, and staff who ensure the events run smoothly during your stay.

Do I have to put up my rented tent?

Yes, participants choose the location for their tent and pitch the tent themselves.

Are the yurts private?

The yurts are shared. Large yurts have 8 single beds, single yurts have 2 single beds. Depending upon which size yurt you reserve, you will be sharing it with other conscious-minded individuals of the same gender. You may reserve an entire yurt for a group of friends, or make requests to be put in the same yurt as a friend, and we will almost always be able to accommodate this request. We want you to have the best experience possible at Stonehouse Farm, and we are happy to work with you to ensure that this happens.

Is bedding provided?

In the yurts, beds are provided with sheets, pillowcase, and a pillow. Please bring your own extra bedding, including warm blankets and an additional pillow if you would like. All guests who are in tents should bring their own sleeping bag and pillows. Sleeping bags are available for rental if needed.

Are towels provided?

No. Please bring your own towels, and consider a larger towel after swimming in the pond. Consider marking your items with some sort of identifying feature, as towels and other items are often misplaced or left during the weekend.

Will we be practicing yoga outside for yoga events?

In most cases, yoga classes will be outside, in a covered area with a level floor. Fans or other temperature control will be provided when needed.

If I bring my own food, is there a place I can store it?

Please note that your meals are covered with the cost of most weekend or week-long events, so there is no need to bring food. If you do decide to bring snacks or supplemental meals we recommend bringing a cooler for storage, and ice can be purchased from the general store on the property. For festivals like Pagan Spirit Gathering and Sukhava Bodhe Yoga & Music Festival, food vendors will be selling delicious and healthy options.

Can I bring my own food and skip the pre-prepared meals?

For some camping events this is an option – like Acro Camp with Joe Yonek. In most cases, though, the meals are part of the weekend price. Unless we’ve worked something out with you ahead of time, we ask that everyone enjoy the same package for the weekend.

If I am coming in for a Friday night workshop or event, will food be served?

Generally, dinner will be served when you arrive on Friday night. This schedule may vary depending on class times, and we will make sure you are well fed and have snack options available for purchase as well.

Do participants eat their meals together?

For the weekend events, meals will be served to all participants at general meal times. You are welcome to enjoy your meal with the group or go off to a secluded picnic table and have some “me time”.

I am vegan, are there options for me?

Please contact us at info@stonehousefarm.com if you have a dietary restriction.

I can only make part of the weekend, can I still join?

Weekend packages are sold in their entirety. We encourage participants to attend the complete weekend or week, as the teachings will build upon themselves. If you need to arrive a little late or leave early, please call 312.942.9642 between 9:30am-3:30pm or email info@stonehousefarm.com so we can be prepared for your late arrival or early departure. Note that participants may arrive at the property between 9am-9pm on any given day. Arrivals after 9pm are not permitted.

Is there electricity and water hook-ups?

For weekend or week-long events, if you are camping you will have access to electricity and water. If you are staying in a yurt, there is an electrical outlet available inside the yurt. If you are coming for a extended camping event, like Pagan Spirit Gathering or Sukahva Bodhe there will be camping spaces with electricity for sale.

What is the shower and bathroom situation?

There is a shower house with both a men’s and women’s side. There are three showers, sinks and toilets on each side. For larger events, there will be port-a-potties and other facilities available.

When not practicing yoga or meditation, do people go for walks around the property and hang out?

We encourage participants to take advantage of the downtime at Stonehouse Farm. You can go for a short hike (it’s about an hour walk around the border of the property), go for a swim (permit pending), take photos of nature, play cards, read a book or just enjoy the outdoors!

Is there wifi?

Yes, wifi is available. You can obtain a username and password upon arrival.

Can I bring my dog to Stonehouse Farm?

Dogs are not permitted at Stonehouse Farm events and festivals.

Can I bring glass bottles?

Glass containers are not permitted at Stonehouse Farm.

Is alcohol permitted?

We do not sell alcohol, but you may bring your own. Please note that there is no glass allowed on the property. Because Stonehoue Farm is a conscious-living/minded retreat center we encourage healthy drug-free living.

What if I forget my toothpaste or other items? Is there a place I can purchase these things?

The country store on the property features a limited but growing list of items which you can purchase. We will always do our best to accommodate your needs. There are stores within a 20-minute drive if you need to pick something up.

Do I need cash?

You may need cash to purchase extra snacks or supplies. There is an ATM on the property for your convenience.

My friend and I would like to come and camp on the property, is this available?

At this time we are not booking public camping trips. Please join us for a weekend event or festival.

Are there clothing optional options?

Stonehouse Farm encourages a tolerant community that accommodates its guests’ many philosophies and approaches to life. While we encourage everyone’s freedom and comfort, we ask that participants be sensitive to the needs and comfort levels of all community members and guests.

What is the cancelation policy?

If canceling your registration:

• within 30 days 10% admin fee taken
• within 7 days 50% admin fee taken
• no refunds 48hrs or less before an event

*Note that Sukhava Bodhe and other festivals have their own cancelation policies